We'll be back soon

Updated Tuesday, 11 November 2014 at 3:09:57 PM

The site is undergoing a total rebuild. It is working behind the scenes but needs more work before you will see it.

Security has had to be stepped up and we are working on that now. It has been necessary to prevent all external links for the time being. This means that the contents of our website will only be accessible from our own main page and anyone linking directly to a page on our site will land on our main page or get an error message.

All Members will be issued with a new password before they will be able to access to our members' resources again.

Hopefully not too many legitimate users have been locked out - anyone who is denied access (once the site is up again) will need to email the webmaster to request that the ban on their access is removed. Mistakes do happen!

FHGB members:
You are welcome to email the webmaster and request (up to 10) specific lookups while our site is down.